Friday, April 18, 2003

The Boston Globe reports that the administration has awarded Bechtel a contract worth as much as $680 million to rebuild Iraq.

Michael Kinsley explains why it's Christmas at Halliburton.

Business Week reports on the recent face-off between Kevin Mitnick and one of his prosecutors.

Here is the text of Tim Robbins' letter to Dale Petroskey in response to Petroskey's canceling of Robbins' appearance at the Baseball Hall of Fame due to his public criticism of President Bush. And here is the text of Robbins' speech to the National Press Club on April 15.

Hunter Thompson mourns the state of affairs in America and abroad.

The NYT offers this unusually strong endorsement of the use of the fillibuster to block Bush's extreme right-wing judicial appointments.

The NYT reports on the provisions embedded in the Amber Alert bill that would strip federal judges of the last vestiges of sentencing discretion.

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