Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Some "Hand-Off"

The Army announces it will involuntarily recall to active duty more than 5,600 former U.S. soldiers next week. They could be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan as early as this fall. All will be kept on active duty for between 18 months and two years.

"There's going to be soldiers who, yes, will be shocked," said Col. Debra A. Cook, commander of the Army's Human Resources Command and the final arbiter of petitions for exemption.

No shit, Sherlock.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Imperial Hubris

Richard Clarke (yes, that Richard Clarke) reviews Imperial Hubris in today's Washington Post. An excerpt:

"Anonymous writes that the conduct of U.S. military operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan has left both countries "seething with anti-U.S. sentiment, fertile grounds for the expansion of al Qaeda and kindred groups." This CIA officer believes the U.S. invasion of Iraq was exactly what bin Laden and his associates had hoped would happen -- a belief that many counterterroism experts privately share. The Iraq invasion gave a new cause to the jihadists and new evidence to Arab militants that Americans are the "new crusaders" -- i.e., foreign infidels bent on conquest. The result has been more recruits, more suicide bombers and more money to the jihadists."

Krugman Nails It

Upper Left extracts a Krugman quote that pretty much captures the past three years:

"What the figures don't describe is the toxic mix of ideological obsession and cronyism that lie behind that dismal performance."


Does anyone find it curious that the Bush administration's decision to move up the so-called handover of soverignty to Iraq comes on the same day the Supreme Court handed down its opinions finding the administration's treatment of alleged "enemy combatants" unconstitutional? (As they said in the Reagan administration, when the news is bad, change the lead.) Could it be that someone tipped off his hunting buddy?

Folks Are Waking Up

According to a new NYT/CBS poll, Bush's approval rating is at al all-time low of 42%.

Read This Letter

Here is a link to the NACDL's letter to the Secretary of the Navy regarding the Supreme Court's opinions in Rasul and Hamdi. And here is a link to the related press release.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Sometimes the Supremes Get it Right

The Supreme Court rejects the Bush administration's claim that the U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over the treatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Ralph Does Something I Can Agree With

Nader writes an open letter to Kerry, recommending Edwards as the Democratic V.P. nominee.

Big Time Feels Better

Faux News seeks to extenuate Cheney's vulgarity on the floor of the Senate. Considering that this guy is in a position to pull the nuclear trigger, I suppose we should take comfort in the fact that he feels better.

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