Friday, August 27, 2004

Bush's Speech

Salon previews Bush's speech at the GOP convention. An excerpt:

"Next I want to thank the workers of America who helped us overcome the Clinton recession that had 22 million jobs threatening the security of this country. That's what you call a glut on the market, when you have a whole lot of jobs clogging up the economic system. Gluts and clogs, that's not what you want in your system, is it Dick? We flushed the economic system. We stripped it, oiled it, made it leaner and meaner. Now we've got farmers and ranchers somewhere out there -- I saw one once -- and a mighty herd of other people who are free to roam this great land of ours fending for themselves. That's what Americans do. We fend. (Applause.)"

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Who's the Flip-Flopper?

John Kerry has challenged President Bush to weekly debates from now until Nov. 2 on campaign issues like education, health care and national security.

Kerry also defended himself from Republican charges that he wavers in his convictions on major issues.

"It's standard Republican playbook," Kerry said in response to a voter's question. "They just say it, and if you spend enough money and say it enough, people like you are going to ask the question."

Kerry said Bush has been the one flip-flopping over the last four years -- standing against the Homeland Security Department, then embracing it; fighting against the Sept. 11 commission, then endorsing it; promising to fund his new education law, then failing to.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

So Much for Bush's Libel Claim

Earlier this week, the White House branded as "libelous" John Kerry's suggestion of a relationship between the Bush campaign and the so-called swift boat vets' for truth attack on Kerry's military record. Today a top lawyer for Bush's campaign resigned after disclosing that he provided legal advice to the same group.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fear and Smear

Kerry hits back:

"Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Tuesday accused the
Bush campaign of adopting "the tactics of fear and smear" because its
record is a failed one, saying November's election comes down to a
choice between right and wrong."


"They've obviously decided that some people will believe anything, no
matter how fictional or how far-fetched, if they just repeat it often
enough. That's how they've run their administration, that's how they're
running their campaign and that's how they're going to run their

Perjury no longer an offense in Oregon

From ABC News:

"Several Vietnam veterans are calling for an assistant district
attorney to resign after questions were raised about his statement in a
recent ad criticizing Democrat John Kerry's military service.


In an interview with The Oregonian newspaper last week, French said he
relied on the accounts of three other veterans in making the statement
about Kerry and did not personally witness the events. French did not
return two messages left at his office Monday


Before recording the ad, French signed an affidavit that said: "I am
able to swear, as I do hereby swear, that all facts and statements
contained in this affidavit are true and correct and within my personal
knowledge and belief."


District Attorney John Foote released a statement Monday chiding
French for bringing unwanted publicity to the suburban county's office,
but stood by his employee.

"I do not personally share the opinions expressed by our prosecutor,"
Foote wrote. "However, all of our employees have the right to their own
opinions on these subjects and to express their opinions on their own

False Charges

The Los Angeles Times calls on Bush to do the right thing. Fat chance.

Monday, August 23, 2004

What If?

While Bob (the Hatchet) Dole goes on the airwaves to do wet-work for the Bush administration, the Boston Globe asks what would have been the reaction if Bill Clinton had gone after Dole's war record during their election campaign.

More Eyewitnesses Speak Out For Kerry

A Chicago Tribune editor who was there speaks out for Kerry.

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