Thursday, December 30, 2004

Ruiz I


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Putin and Bush: Separated at Birth?

Has anyone been following
what Vladimir Putin has been up to lately? E.g., the trial of Mikhail
Khodorkovsky and the Yukos tax prosecution? From what I've read, Putin
has launched a political criminal prosecution against one of his more
outspoken critics, seized Yukos' prize asset and repatriated it for
pennies on the dollar to satisfy an income tax obligation that exceeds
anything the company ever made. At the same time, other oligarchs who
(with the benefit of KGB connections) similarly looted the country in
the ill-executed privatization of former state assets haven't been
touched, as they are playing ball with Putin's policies. Which include
trying to rig elections in neighboring countries and consolidating
power at the local level. To me, this guy looks like another Lenin, if
not yet a Stalin. And this is the same guy into whose eyes and soul
Dubya gazed and thereafter pronounced an o.k. dude.

Capitalizing on Tragedy

The White House seeks to deflect criticism of Bush's response to the Asia tragedy by taking a gratuitous slam at President Clinton, while its handmaidens the WSJ and Washington times use the tragedy as an excuse to fabricate the predicate for an attack on the United Nations.

Susan Sontag is Dead


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