Friday, May 06, 2005

Abu Gharib Uncovered

It was Lyndie. Oops, not.

Let's pin it on Karpinski, then. Yes...she was the warden. Forget the
fact that the CIA and DOD intel were running the op. (Why do you hate
America so much?)

Oops again, sorry. Yes, it was the General's fault. And she was
convicted of what? Nothing. No trial. Well then how was it her fault?
Er, because the President demoted her. And no trial? Precisely.

And what was she guilty of?

Here's the funny part-- not telling
about her shoplfting.

So there was no torture, just lying about shoplifting.

Hey, that's nothing compared to lying about blowjobs, So why do you
hate America so much?

Rummy and Alberto are laughing their asses off.

Abu Gharib Whitewash

The Army disciplines exactly one officer--for shoplifting.

88 Members of Congress Want to Know

88 members of Congress have signed a letter by Rep. Conyers to President Bush demanding response to a report by the Londan Times that the Bush Administration agreed with Blair's government to Invade Iraq prior to Congressional authorization. As usual, the mainstream U.S. media is asleep at the wheel.

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