Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Vultures are Circling

Frist subpoeaned in insider trading probe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Spreading Santorum

A special site for Little Ricky.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

Mine Eyes have seen the bungling of that stumbling moron Bush;
he has blathered all the drivel that the neo-cons can push;
he has lost sight of all reason 'cause his head is up his tush;
The Doofus marches on.

I have heard him butcher syntax like a kindergarten fool;
There is warranted suspicion that he never went to school;
Should we fault him for the policies - or is he just their tool?
The lies keep piling on.

Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
His wreckage will live on.

I have seen him cut the taxes of the billionaires' lone heir;
As he spends another zillion on an aircraft carrier;
Let the smokestacks keep polluting - do we really need clean air?
The surplus is now gone.

Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
Your safety net is gone!

Now he's got a mighty hankerin' to bomb a prostrate state;
Though the whole world knows its crazy - and the U.N. says to wait;
When he doesn't have the evidence, "We must prevaricate."
Diplomacy is done!

Oh, a trumped-up war is excellent; we have no moral bounds;
Should the reasons be disputed, we'll just make up other grounds;
Enraging several billions - to his brainlessness redounds;
The Doofus marches on!

Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!
Glory! Glory! How he'll Screw Ya'!

The Doofus marches on!

kudos to wdharry99

The Butcher's Bill

2,153 U.S. dead.

$200 billion.

And counting.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


JimmyJeff may be back in the news -- as a potential indictee under the Espionage
Act. Joe Conason of Salon writes:

"Another intriguing possibility in the leaks case brings back the
baroque personality of right-wing pressroom denizen Jeff Gannon, born
James Guckert.

The New York Times reported Friday that in addition to possible
charges directly involving the revelation of Valerie Wilson's identity
and related perjury or conspiracy charges, Fitzgerald is exploring
other possible crimes. Specifically, according to the Times, the
special counsel is seeking to determine whether anyone transmitted
classified material or information to persons who were not cleared to
receive it -- which could be a felony under the 1917 Espionage Act.

One such classified item might be the still-classified State
Department document, written by an official of State's Bureau of
Intelligence and Research, concerning the CIA's decision to send former
ambassador Joseph Wilson to look into allegations that Iraq had tried
to purchase uranium from Niger. Someone leaked that INR document --
which inaccurately indicated that Wilson's assignment was the result of
lobbying within CIA by his wife, Valerie -- to right-wing media
outlets, notably including Gannon's former employers at Talon News. On
Oct. 28, 2003, Gannon posted an interview with Joseph Wilson on the
Talon Web site, in which he posed the following question: "An internal
government memo prepared by U.S. intelligence personnel details a
meeting in early 2002 where your wife, a member of the agency for
clandestine service working on Iraqi weapons issues, suggested that you
could be sent to investigate the reports. Do you dispute that?"

Gannon later hinted, rather coyly, that he had learned about the INR
memo from an article in the Wall Street Journal. He also told reporters
last February that FBI agents working for Fitzgerald had questioned
him about where he got the memo. At the very least, that can be
interpreted as confirming today's Times report about the direction of
the case."

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