Friday, January 27, 2006

Bachem Macuno Strikes Again

Oprah is sitting on the couch next to President Bush. She looks very, very unhappy. His lips are pursed nervously.
'Mr. President, when I selected your book, A Million Little Pieces of Democracy, I thought it was a work of non-fiction.'
'Oprah, I understand that. My advisors tell me that I am perfectly within my rights to call it non-fiction. Congress gave me full powers to entertain readers, and I am very serious about that responsibility.'
'But according to The Smoking Gun, there is a lot in the book that isn't true.'
'I was writing with the best intelligence available to me. Intelligence agencies around the world supported the book as factual.'
'To a greater or lesser extent.'
'You bet.'
'Well,' Oprah sighed, exasperated, 'It is difficult for me to talk to you because I really feel duped... I feel that you betrayed millions of readers.'
'Now, I know that people may feel that way. But this really isn't about the book at all.'
'What isn't?'
'The book.'
'The book isn't about the book, sir?'
'That's right!'
A confused pause. 'Then what is the book about?'
'It's about spreading Democracy.'
'Into a million little pieces?'
'The more pieces Democracy is in, the freer we are as a people.'

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