Thursday, July 11, 2013

El Douche Whines for More Federal Funds

WASHINGTON — Gov. Rick Perry on Tuesday formally appealed a federal decision to limit further federal aid to West, as the town rebuilds from a devastating plant explosion. In May, the Federal Emergency Management Agency turned down the state's request for the community to receive a major disaster declaration, which would have provided funding and assistance rebuilding public infrastructure and recovery services such as crisis counseling and hazard mitigation support. The agency did provide emergency funds to individual residents. “The scope of damage caused by April's explosion has devastated this small community, and further inaction by the Obama administration to deny additional federal aid is simply unacceptable,” Perry said in a news release. “On behalf of the people of West and McLennan County, I am appealing the president's decision in order to get this community assistance they qualify for, deserve and need to get back on their feet and on the road to recovery.” [Of course, this is the same El Douche who has been traveling around the country enticing companies to move to Texas because of its light-to-nonexistent regulation of business, including safety regulations] more:

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